5 Important Things You Never Knew About Rapper Wale

Olubowale Victor Akintimehin is a young rapper whose star is rising so quickly. Born September 21, 1984, this talented American, better known as Wale rose to fame in 2006 when his song “Dig Dug” first hit his own hometown. As he continued to rerecord music, the rap star’s popularity continues to rise, winning the heart of producer Mark Ronson who later assigned him to Allido Records. Well. Many people will tell you they know all of these. This is possible because Wale is now a charming public figure who directly influences the lives of many people. But for you to understand this celebrated rapper well, keep reading for more insightful information on his unique attributes.

Dictates Fashion

Wale is one of best rappers out there, but his ability to be at the forefront of trends is undoubtedly one of the most striking things about him. If you are still wondering whether this is factual, consider his footwear. The Washington, D.C.-based artist does not keep his love for footwear a secret going by his dressing code and the content of some of his productions as well. Before 2009, he released “Nike Boots’ and “kicks” declaring his extraordinary love for many types of shoes.

As his career has progressed, Wale’s taste has shifted to fashion. The “summer on Sunset,” for example, clearly has won the soul of his followers. Thus, when it comes to matters trends, it is evident this star has an extraordinary ability to step out and influence not only the design of his attires but also the taste of his followers.

Unique Music Style

Despite his extensive sneaker knowledge, Wale is open to learning from his peers. He once admitted that he admires the attention that Kanye pay to aesthetics. You confirm the authenticity of this assertion from his music style. While most rappers have a style they typically stick to, this artist incorporates lots of go-go style in his music. Many have described it as a bit “post-Kanye or post-Lil Wayne.” Others also say it is a little more than “alternative-meets-hardcore.” From these descriptions, it is sure that while he has remained stuck to some elements, Wale has borrowed some great ideas from his fellows to enhance his performance.

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Fell Into Depression

Some people do not want to believe this because it appears a joke taken too far. Wale went through a lot in life, and that almost permanently crashed him. The death of his beloved cousin and the miscarriage of his girlfriend shock him to the core. He could not imagine how life would turn out without the loved ones, and he eventually went into depression. Soon after that, he turned to drug abuse to help him cope. During this time, Wale has repeatedly said that he lost his self-esteem and could not make out what was happening with him.

Additionally, he was concerned that he could not get the same respect as his competitors. Social media users began to make negative comments regarding his music, his career, and his character. At this point, Wale says these harsh attacks got to him and affected him. However, once he got the right support system, the problems began to diminish, and he regained his self-esteem and music career.

Dropped Out of School But Values Education

Wale dropped out of school due to academic reason. It is important to remember that he suffers from attention deficit, a severe condition by any measure. However, this has not stopped this rap star from trying to further his education. He wants to improve his writing skills to be able to write his own songs. He started looking into Howard University in Washington. By Wale trying to brush up his creative writing skills, he is an inspiration to many people, especially young people with various forms of disability.

Concerned About the Welfare of the Community

Wale views himself as the voice of the less fortunate. When the massive 2010 earthquake devastated Haiti, he performed successful fundraising concerned in support of all the victims. The Washington event included numerous local artists, such as Phil Ade and Don Juan.

Final Thoughts

 Wale rose to promise in 2006 despite several limitations, including his bad health condition. He suffers from an attention deficit condition. Wale also went through depression. However, today, this American rapper is at the forefront of trends due to his hard work, passion, and persistence. His life perfectly illustrates the popular philosophy that disability is not inability. Thus, no one should be regarded as inferior, and people who pass through different problems should not look down upon themselves.