5 Important Things You Never Knew About Rapper Wale

Olubowale Victor Akintimehin is a young rapper whose star is rising so quickly. Born September 21, 1984, this talented American, better known as Wale rose to fame in 2006 when his song “Dig Dug” first hit his own hometown. As he continued to rerecord music, the rap star’s popularity continues to rise, winning the heart of producer Mark Ronson who later assigned him to Allido Records. Well. Many people will tell you they know all of these. This is possible because Wale is now a charming public figure who directly influences the lives of many people. But for you to understand this celebrated rapper well, keep reading for more insightful information on his unique attributes.

Dictates Fashion

Wale is one of best rappers out there, but his ability to be at the forefront of trends is undoubtedly one of the most striking things about him. If you are still wondering whether this is factual, consider his footwear. The Washington, D.C.-based artist does not keep his love for footwear a secret going by his dressing code and the content of some of his productions as well. Before 2009, he released “Nike Boots’ and “kicks” declaring his extraordinary love for many types of shoes.

As his career has progressed, Wale’s taste has shifted to fashion. The “summer on Sunset,” for example, clearly has won the soul of his followers. Thus, when it comes to matters trends, it is evident this star has an extraordinary ability to step out and influence not only the design of his attires but also the taste of his followers.

Unique Music Style

Despite his extensive sneaker knowledge, Wale is open to learning from his peers. He once admitted that he admires the attention that Kanye pay to aesthetics. You confirm the authenticity of this assertion from his music style. While most rappers have a style they typically stick to, this artist incorporates lots of go-go style in his music. Many have described it as a bit “post-Kanye or post-Lil Wayne.” Others also say it is a little more than “alternative-meets-hardcore.” From these descriptions, it is sure that while he has remained stuck to some elements, Wale has borrowed some great ideas from his fellows to enhance his performance.

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Fell Into Depression

Some people do not want to believe this because it appears a joke taken too far. Wale went through a lot in life, and that almost permanently crashed him. The death of his beloved cousin and the miscarriage of his girlfriend shock him to the core. He could not imagine how life would turn out without the loved ones, and he eventually went into depression. Soon after that, he turned to drug abuse to help him cope. During this time, Wale has repeatedly said that he lost his self-esteem and could not make out what was happening with him.

Additionally, he was concerned that he could not get the same respect as his competitors. Social media users began to make negative comments regarding his music, his career, and his character. At this point, Wale says these harsh attacks got to him and affected him. However, once he got the right support system, the problems began to diminish, and he regained his self-esteem and music career.

Dropped Out of School But Values Education

Wale dropped out of school due to academic reason. It is important to remember that he suffers from attention deficit, a severe condition by any measure. However, this has not stopped this rap star from trying to further his education. He wants to improve his writing skills to be able to write his own songs. He started looking into Howard University in Washington. By Wale trying to brush up his creative writing skills, he is an inspiration to many people, especially young people with various forms of disability.

Concerned About the Welfare of the Community

Wale views himself as the voice of the less fortunate. When the massive 2010 earthquake devastated Haiti, he performed successful fundraising concerned in support of all the victims. The Washington event included numerous local artists, such as Phil Ade and Don Juan.

Final Thoughts

 Wale rose to promise in 2006 despite several limitations, including his bad health condition. He suffers from an attention deficit condition. Wale also went through depression. However, today, this American rapper is at the forefront of trends due to his hard work, passion, and persistence. His life perfectly illustrates the popular philosophy that disability is not inability. Thus, no one should be regarded as inferior, and people who pass through different problems should not look down upon themselves.

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Some of Rapper Wale’s Most Amazing Tracks

Wale’s talent was discovered by a local DJ and in 2003 he had his first airplay with the song “Rhyme of the Century.” Soon after, Source Magazine included him in its Unsigned Hype Column. The rapper continued honing his skilling, and in 2006 he signed with Studio 43. With this outfit, the rapper’s popularity grew in Washington D.C./Maryland and Virginia. He soon caught the attention of producer and DJ Mark Ronson, known for working with the likes of Christina Aguilera and Amy Winehouse. From this point on, the rest was history! Rapper Wale is truly one of the most ingenious rappers. His unique style makes his music unmistakable and the music itself is amazing! Ever since his first airplay with “Rhyme of the Century,” and his first major project “The Mixtape About Nothing,” Wale has blessed the hip hop world with incredible music. From having chart-topping songs and albums, being nominated for a Grammy award to performing in President Obama’s state of the nation address, Wale’s career can only be described with one word- success! In this article, we review some of the rappers best songs.

Dig Dug (2005)

This track was arguably the one that propelled Wale into fame in his local hometown Washington D.C. The track draws inspiration Ronald “Dig Dug” Dixon, a percussion player for the North East go-go band. Indeed, producer Southeast Slim features them in the song’s beat. In Dig Dug, Wale spits four clever verses paying homage to his city and dropping a reference or two to Nike Sb. So well was this piece received that it received radio airwave time without being promoted and propelled Wale in a local celebrity, paving the way to his future success. Dig Dug cannot be left out in any discussion about the rapper’s best hits.

The Chicago Falcon Remix ft. the Budos Band(2008)

Having already made a name for his rapping genius, this is the song that convinced the big name records about his talent, propelling Wale into the big leagues. So good was this song that shortly after its release a 6-month long bidding war erupted, with Wale getting offers from large records such as DefJam and Interscope. With a smooth, flowing yet perky beat one cannot help but bop their heads to the beats of the song. The beat does not distract from Wales talented poetry in this song. The funky, faced paced beats coupled with Wales talent are the reason that this song has got to feature as one of his best works.

Chain Music (2011)

Wale deals with his humble beginnings, having to work hard to gain recognition in the rap world in this track. He dismisses women that take advantage of men just for material wealth, all the while impressing the message that rappers have to work had to become successful with its vocal undertone that says “work, work, work.” The song is short and straight to the point because the message is equally straightforward. In this song Wane’s rapping maturity is evident in the well-balanced track. Chain music does not disappoint!

“Varsity Blues” (2011)

This one shines a light on Wale’s sporting background. For those that may not know, Wale was a great football player in high school and following his graduation was awarded a sports scholarship to college. His knowledge of the sporting world, particularly football shines on this track. Through rap, he deals with the inherent discrimination in college football against black football players. He laments that black football players are almost treated like tools with their value only seen as the fact that they can play and abandoned when they get injured. The track reflects the fact that Wale can tackle sensitive issues through his talent, and is definitely worth a listen.

“The Kramer” (2008)

This installation by Wales could be a coded reference to his childhood being raised partly in the suburbs of Washington D.C. It tells the story of an African American kid’s powerlessness as he grows up amongst white teenagers that were ignorant in their racial sensitivity. He narrates a situation where the teens use the ‘n’ word on him leaving unaware of what to and powerless. The story is told over a go-go drum beat, that almost reflects the frustration that kid must have endured. This songs deep theme resonates with the African American struggle and is executed cleverly. It is definitely one of Wale’s best.

Discover Rapper Wale

Born Olubowale Victor Akintimehin, Wale is an American rapper, hailing from Washington D.C. As a rapper, Wale has an impressive portfolio. Since his debut, Wale has produced eight mixtapes including a No. 1 album. Wale’s music style can be described as being percussion-driven and paying homage to disco. The rapper has featured in many of the today’s top rappers songs including the like of Rick Ross and Meek Mill. Besides his impressive career, Wale has a unique background. He is not just another run of the mill rapper. Keep reading to discover rapper Wale’s background.

Early- Life

As mentioned before, the name Wale is not this rappers original birth name. His real name is Olubowale Victor Akintimehin. If you think this name sounds exotic, it is because Wale is indeed exotic. The rapper has roots in Southwestern Nigeria, where his parents belong to the Yoruba ethnic group. Wale was born in Washington D.C on September 21st, 1984. Before relocating to the United States in 1979, Wale’s parents lived in Austria.

Growing up in Washington D.C Wale’s family first settled down in Northwest Washington D.C. When he was ten years old, his family relocated to Montgomery County in Maryland. Wale though, was predominantly raised in the suburbs of Washington D.C.

Academic History

Wale attended the Quince Orchard High School in Gaithersburg, Maryland, where he was in his school’s football team. He graduated high school in 2002. Following his graduation, the rapper attended both the Robert Morris College and Virginia State University on college scholarships. He is still a die-hard football fan and supports the Washington Redskins. In fact, rumor has it that he has a tattoo of tight end Chris Cooley. Wale did not stay in Virginia State.

He eventually ended up in Bowie State. Preferring to focus on a career in music, Wale did not complete college.


It was not long before Wale’s talent was discovered by a local DJ. In 2003 Wale had his airplay with the song “Rhyme of the Century.” Soon after, Source Magazine included him in its Unsigned Hype Column.

The rapper continued honing his skilling, and in 2006 he signed with Studio 43. With this outfit, the rapper’s popularity grew in Washington D.C./Maryland and Virginia. He soon caught the attention of producer and DJ Mark Ronson, known for working with the likes of Christina Aguilera and Amy Winehouse. Ronson signed him to his imprint Allido and together they released the mixtape 100 Miles and Running. The mixtape was positively received and was critically acclaimed by institutions such as the New York Times and XXL Magazine.

Soon after the mixtape’s release, top records were clamoring to sign Wale. He received offers from top records such as Def Jam, Epic and Atlantic Records. Wale chose to sign with Interscope records in 2008. Following this Wale released several high-level singles including “Chilling” whose hook was performed by Lady Gaga and “Pretty Girls” which featured Gucci Mane. The singles also featured in his album Attention deficit which was positioned at 21 in the Billboard 200. Wale also featured in Waka Flocka Flame’s multiple-platinum “No Hands.”

Following a deal with Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group Wale featured prominently in the in MMG’s compilation called Self Made Volume 1. It was from this compilation that Wale received his first gold-certified single. While still in MMG, Wale produced the album Ambition which ascended to second place in the Billboard 200. On collabo (Miguel), from the album got the first position in the Billboards hip-hop/RnB charts. The song was also nominated for a Grammy Award under the Best Rap Song category. Wale was also featured in the Self Made’s second volume where he appeared individually and featured in tracks such as “Bag of Money” and “Diced Pineapples.”

Wale has also recorded for the Fast and Furious Franchise, having been one of the featured artists in the movie-franchises “Ride Out” track. From 2015 onwards, the rapper has released a number one album called The Album about Nothing, “My PYT” which featured in the top 20 RnB/hip-hop single. In 2017 he released the album Shine which was critically acclaimed. Last year Wale released the single “Staying Power”.

Other Interesting Facts

Apart from having a successful music career, Wale has had other successful venture. Wale has ventured into the Ski-gear industry, partnering with Akomplice to produce Wale x Akomplice ski suit and mask. In 2010, Wale did a charity concert for victims of the Haiti earthquake.

Wale Shares Details, Reveals Producers for Forthcoming Album ‘Shine’

In January, Wale became the first rapper to open a president’s State of the Union Address. Barack Obama took to the podium for his final SOTU speech as Commander-in-Chief after the D.C. rhymer delivered his hits “Chillin’,” “LoveHate Thing” and “White Shoes” at the White House viewing party (Jan. 12). At the end of his set, Wale also announced his fifth album Shine.

Two months later, Wale repped his native city once again as the headliner for the Events DC Presents Music showcase, hosted by the Washington DC Economic Partnership at the Historic Scoot Inn for Austin’s SXSW festival on Tuesday night (March 15). During his set, Folarin offered more details about his forthcoming project, teasing that it would arrive in a “couple of months.” He also debuted a new track called “Pretty Young Thing.”

“It’s a little bit more melody and shit ’cause I been on some, like, I don’t want to call nobody to do my hooks no more,” he tells Billboard after his performance. “I want to do it myself but just as an evolution as an artist.”

Wale admits that during the creative process, he’s penned material for another artist that may end up his own. “I’m also writing for other artists so sometimes I may sing a song I wrote for somebody and I’ll be like, ‘Eh I like it. It’s me.’ even if it may not be performance good,” he said without offering specific names.

He even nodded Lil Wayne for his dual talents. “Lil Wayne said something in an interview where he’s like, ‘Yo I want to be the best at everything.’ or like, ‘I want to be a great rapper but if I write a song, it may not be the best vocally but I wrote it and you’ll get what I’m saying.’,” he explained. “I’m conveying the emotion so that’s what I’m trying to do currently with this new shit.”

But don’t start calling Wale a rapper slash singer just yet. “I’m not trying to go full R&B or nothing like that,” he offers. “I just wanna make vibes.”

On the production side, the  revealed that he is working with beatsmiths Nez and Rio, Diplo, Beat Billionaire and Metro Boomin’. He kept a tight lip on features, tough. “I just want to make sure the business is straight on those,” he said.

Beyond rap, Wale — who scored his second No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 with 2015’s The Album About Nothing – says he is serious about starting his own pro wrestling company. The long-time WWE stan (his favorites include Shawn Michaels, Rey Mysterio and CM Punk) says, “It’s a great business and I don’t know anybody with my point of view [who] has ever attempted to do it.” 

Additional reporting by Robbie Zayas

Wale Performs at President Obama’s State of the Union Address, Announces Fifth Album ‘Shine’

Wale opened President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address (the first rapper to open an SOTU) for a special performance at the White House viewing party on Tuesday (Jan. 12). The DMV MC ran through a string of his hits including “Chillin’,” “LoveHate Thing” and “White Shoes” according to clips posted on Twitter. 

Performed at the “State of the Union” .. #SOTU.. —- #shine on the universe . HipHop is limitless . Thank You @WhiteHouse @BarackObama— Wale (@Wale) January 13, 2016

.@Wale brings the crowd at the @WhiteHouse to its feet before President Obama’s last #SOTU pic.twitter.com/lwOOiGTq4l— Shayne Wells (@shaynegwells) January 13, 2016

#SOTU @Wale bringing it at The @WhiteHouse pic.twitter.com/MGNBSfe28n— E. Bomani Johnson (@EBomani) January 13, 2016

There were also shots of Folarin snapping selfies with Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Jill.

Coach we’ll still make it work @CoachJim4UM … pic.twitter.com/UcUNJoTUWJ— Wale (@Wale) January 13, 2016

The Second Lady of the U.S is with Wale!! —— WALE—— pic.twitter.com/uxJm3Ura7S— Maya (@chocolatina0_0) January 13, 2016

Last year, Wale stopped by 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue twice — once in January as part of the guests for Obama’s gun control speech and again in July, teaming with Michelle Obama as part of the First Lady’s Reach Higher initiative aimed at encouraging every student in America to complete their education beyond high school.

After his performance, Wale also announced the name of his fifth studio effort, the follow-up to his second No. 1 album on the Billboard 200, 2015’s The Album About Nothing. “My name is Wale. My fifth album. Shine. 2016,” he said. 


Wale has tried it all: go-go, pop, bombastic trap, soul samples, braggadocio, introspective soul-bearing. And through it all the DC native has never felt quite at home as he does on his fourth album. With a title that harkens back to the mixtape that helped him catch fire, The Album About Nothing finds Wale at a place of peace. He’s not Zenned out like Rick Rubin; his problems haven’t all fallen away, but instead he seems to have come to grips with the realities of his career. Maybe that’s helped along by his idol Jerry Seinfeld who acts as a sort of polestar for the album. The production here is fresh and urgent, giving Wale’s staid flow more grunt and his melodic choruses more of a lush boost, such as on album standout “The Need to Know” featuring SZA. “Still know what my core needs, so f*ck who ignores me,” he raps on “The Helium Balloon.” Let’s hope Wale holds steady to that epigram. —Damien Scott